If you already have a program booked please fill out and mail our confirmation form or confirm online.

Our assembly programs are great for large crowds. We bring some of our most recognizable animals found in Narragansett Bay. Our knowledgable educator will introduce each animal and present some interesting facts. After all the animals have been shown, everyone gets the chance to explore these live animals hands-on.  Animals include sea stars, horseshoe crabs, a seahorse, and a pufferfish demonstration.

Assembly programs are ideal for groups of 30 people or more. Each program runs for 1 hour, with a maximum of 5 sessions per day. 

$350 for the first session, $150 each additional session. 
$25 per day travel fee to Massachusetts and Connecticut up to 40 miles from Biomes 
$50 per day travel fee to Massachusetts and Connecticut 40-60 miles from Biomes 
More than 60 miles away - call for pricing

$25/hour idle fee

Mileage calculations will be made using Google Maps.



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