Bring your class here on a field trip or have us come to your classroom between September and February and get a 10% discount.

Field Trips

Biomes has been hosting school field trips to our center since 1997, and now in our new 10,000 square foot facility we have more animals than ever. Your class will experience hundreds of species of local marine life, including sharks, stingrays, horseshoe crabs and much more. Many of our exhibits are hands-on, giving students the opportunity to explore these animals up close and personal.

All field trips are private tours, presented in a scavenger hunt format. You have the place all to yourselves, with no public visitors to disturb you. Our field trips can be adapted to fit nearly any of your standards requirements, from habitats, adaptations, geology and more.

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In-Class Programs

Biomes has been visiting schools with our live animal classroom presentations since 1989. Many topics can be chosen from including an introduction to local marine life, squid dissections, animal identification activities, and more. With so many topics and formats to choose from we can help you satisfy many of your standards requirements.

Give us a call at 401-885-4690 to talk to one of our educators to find out how Biomes can fit into your curriculum, and provide your students with a fun and educational learning experience.

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