Scouts and 4-H members can come explore the many animals at the center with their families, clubs or troops during public walk-in hours, special ‘scout nights’, or scheduled field trips.  Biomes staff can work with groups to design programs and activities to specifically meet loop, badge, pin and project requirements.  

If you have any questions please call us at 401-885-4690

Field Trip

$8 per person (both children and adults). $250 minimum.

Our biologist will lead your group through a 1½ hour tour of our facility with a focus on our hands-on exhibits, followed by a live animal demonstration. 

Call to schedule.  401-885-4690

Bring Biomes to your next Pack, Den or Troop meeting!  

Outreach Program
For up to 30 children, $225 for 1 hour.  Call to schedule 401-885-4690

Perhaps the most requested of all our programs, this is an introduction to local marine life featuring ten of our most fascinating species. With age appropriate discussion and animal petting, this program is lively and highly educational. Many marine-related concepts are presented such as habitats, predator/prey, exoskeletons, camouflage and regeneration.  Sample animals include sea star, brittle starfish, spider crab, horseshoe crab, and a pufferfish demonstration.



$40 per scout, $25 per adult, $700 minimum

Scout troops can spend the night at Biomes. Includes evening and morning activities, nighttime snacks and a light breakfast.